This is an FAQ regarding Bambuser's social community that was shut down in the beginning of 2018, if you would like to try out Bambuser's current platform you can check it out here:

What's going on?

What’s happening?
Bambuser has given notice to its users that it will shut down its social community in the coming weeks.

Why is Bambuser doing this?
Bambuser wants to dedicate its focus to its Mobile Live Video platform.

When will the community be shut down?
The community will effectively be shut down for non-paying customers for broadcasting on 15/01/18 and for downloading content on 22/01/18.

What do we do now?

How can I download my Bambuser content?
You can download your video content by logging into your Bambuser channel and clicking on the ‘Download or remove your broadcasts’ link. Once on that page, you will see a list of all of your broadcasts in chronological order. Here you have the option to watch, download or remove individual videos by clicking the appropriate icons beside each of your listed broadcasts.

Can I download everything at once?
Of course! To bulk download all of your content on the Bambuser platform, simply click “Select all”, followed by the “Download selected”* button while on the ‘Download or remove your broadcasts’ page. This will download all of your listed content at once. Power users with a lot of content might need to click “Load all”, followed by “Select all”, followed by “Download selected”*. Should you only want to download a certain selection of your broadcasts, just manually select the desired broadcasts, followed by the “Download selected”* button.

*If you use the "Download selected" button, you may get a very large zip file, which not all tools can open. Make sure you have a stable connection and unzip tools with support for large zip files. Files larger than 4GB might require special tools on Windows and OS X.

Can I delete all of my broadcasts at once?
Of course! Should you choose to delete all of your content from the Bambuser platform, simply click “Select all”, followed by the “Remove selected” button while on the ‘Download or remove your broadcasts’ page, and you will be able to delete all of your listed content at once.

Can I download my favorite content produced by other users?
No, you can only download your own content. You could ask the content owner to publish their videos elsewhere.

What happens to embeds on other sites?
After the shutdown date, all non-paying customer embeds on other sites will stop working.

This isn’t fair!
We know some people will be sad to see Bambuser go... but all good things must come to an end. It’s hard for us to say goodbye too!

What happens after Bambuser has shut down?

Will users be able to access their video content or Bambuser profile after the Bambuser shutdown date?
Unfortunately not. Once the Bambuser community has been shut down, all Bambuser content and access to the platform will be removed. Which is why we would advise our users to download and save any content that they wish to keep.

What will happen to our content after the shutdown, will it be saved or deleted?
All video content will be deleted once the Bambuser shut down process has been completed.

What happens to my user account data?
All data records for user accounts will be deleted once the Bambuser shut down process has been completed.

What other options do I have (other platforms)?
Our live streaming platform is available for a free trial for businesses and professionals that want to leverage mobile live video. We have however shut down our social community features.

What’s going to happen with the Bambuser smartphone apps?
As of 22/01/18, the Bambuser smartphone apps will be removed from all app stores. After that date, all non-paying Bambuser users can delete the apps from their devices, as they will no longer function.

My app suddenly says “incorrect password”/”connection error”/”connection lost”/etc.. Why?
If this happens after the Bambuser shut down date, 22/01/18, then the Bambuser community has been removed and can no longer be accessed.

Bambuser Premium:

Can Premium customers void their contracts and leave early?
As a Premium user on a set-term contract, you will be able to utilize the service until your current contract has expired. Subscription customers will retain usage until 31/05/2018. You could leave before that, but unfortunately, we cannot refund any pre-paid fees.

Can Premium customers access their account, content, and features for the duration of their contracts?
Yes, of course. But access to the platform will be revoked as soon as the contract has expired (or as of 31/05/2018 for subscription customers). As a result, we would remind any Premium customers approaching the end of their contracts to download and save all of the content that they wish to keep, before the end of their contracts.

Can Premium customers renew their current contract?
No. As of 28/11/17, no new or renewed contracts will be issued for Bambuser platform services.

Can Premium customers move over to Bambuser's new offering?
Everyone is welcome to try out Bambuser's live video platform, monthly plans start at $39 per month, more on pricing here.

How do we get a refund for the time left on our premium contract?
You can look for alternatives to Bambuser Premium, but unfortunately, we are not able to offer you any refund for the remaining term of your contract.

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