A fond farewell!

After ten extraordinary years bringing mobile live video to the world, it is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that the Bambuser Community will cease its service over the coming months.

Bambuser was founded in 2007 with the intent to democratize live video by putting the capabilities of a whole TV broadcasting van in every person’s pocket. We believe we've achieved that. Bambuser was an integral part of the birth of social mobile live video and was amongst the first to bring the technology to the world. As early as 2009, over 100,000 people had already installed the Bambuser app on their phones. This made it possible for them to stream live video from any location and distribute it globally, either through their own pages on bambuser.com or by posting it to places like Tumblr or to their Facebook walls (some six years before the launch of Facebook Live!).

A decade after we opened the doors of the Bambuser community to everyone, millions of live streams have been shared by our users. We've seen events from all parts of life, celebrations such as birthdays and weddings, sporting events and other competitions, concerts, road trips, meetings, drone flights and childbirths (yes, really). The use-cases for live streaming are endless and we've been repeatedly surprised by what our users have come up with.

But life is not always fun, a fact that has been demonstrated by our users time and again. Over the years Bambuser has been used by people finding themselves in extremely difficult situations, giving them an opportunity to show the world the events taking place in areas few journalists would dare venture. From downtown Homs during the some of the most intense bombings seen in the Syrian conflict, to the battles in the capital of Ukraine, to the clashes between civilians and military in Egypt.

Live streaming from mobile phones is now a commodity. Today, there's an abundance of apps and social networks available that lets their users stream live video to the world, and we believe Bambuser has been instrumental in getting us here.

With the shutdown of the Bambuser Community, we are not leaving the user-generated content space, we are simply transitioning from being a direct supplier, to be a facilitator, providing live video solutions to businesses and enterprises around the world. We strongly believe that our years of experience in developing the Bambuser Community has played a key role in the success of our new business focus and latest technology, the Iris Platform.

Bambuser will officially cease operation on 22/01/18, after that date, entry to the platform for non-paying users will be denied. All Bambuser Premium customers on set-term contracts will retain access to the service for the duration of their existing contracts, and customers paying on a subscription basis will retain use of the service until 31/05/2018.

As of now, we want to give everyone the opportunity to access and download their videos before the Bambuser platform is taken offline. For more information on downloading your Bambuser content, see our download instructions on our FAQ page.

We would like to take this opportunity thank all of the loyal and valued Bambuser users for their dedication to the platform since 2007. Thank you to those who shared their videos, thank you to those who viewed them, and thank you to everyone who supported us in any way over the last 10 years.

It has been an honor and a privilege,

The Bambuser team.